One of the Netherlands best seasonal activities. Seeing our beautiful tulip fields and even better… having a photoshoot there!  

One important thing to mention is that usually it is prohibited to enter the flower fields. The farmers lose out on millions of euros every year, because of people hopping fences and ignoring signs to take photos. We only enter the fields with permission from the farmers and follow their rules! 

The advantage when you do a photoshoot is that I always know which fields are in bloom and where we can enter with permission from the flower farmers! 

Price for a 1 hour photoshoot: €280. This includes transportation to and from Amsterdam and entree to the flower field. 

Email hello@photographerinamsterdam.com to book your flower field photographer for tulip season in 2020.

flower field photoshoot Lisse
tulip field Amsterdam photoshoot
couple shoot flower field
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keukenhof flower field photographer
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Flower field photgrapher
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Flower field photographer Lisse
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